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27 May 2021

What can I expect from a class?

Coming to a new class can sometimes be daunting. It may be this is your first class with baby. The days when you just had a small handbag with the essentials in are already a far cry. You just had a pair of shoes to put on and that’s it, you’re ready to go! Now it seems to take at least half an hour to be even remotely to the point of getting out of the house. Some days it may even seem too much bother. However, getting out with baby is important. It gives you both a chance to have a change of scenery, gain confidence and meet people. Even better if you can learn a lifelong skill that will help you both.

My classes are a branch of the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) The only governing body in this field. Our classes are so much more than just baby Massage. In the classes we offer, reflexology, baby yoga, touch relaxation, and a routine specifically designed for babies with colic, reflux or constipation. Incorporated into the program is information about development, the benefits of infant massage and how the routines can be adapted for your growing baby. We show you how you can carry this through to teenage years. As instructors we are always keeping up to date on latest research to build on our already extensive knowledge and have specialists in child development and additional needs at our fingertips to make sure infant massage is available to everyone.

The program is divided into 5 sessions. Classes are around an hour long, you will be welcomed into your massage yoga mat, where you can settle with baby. We have a meet and greet where we can find out a little about you and baby. As our classes are baby led, it can depend on how our babies are feeling as to how the session goes. What is always included is relaxation techniques for parents, massage for baby, education about that week’s topic and then a chance for refreshments and a chat. Our classes are very relaxed, and babies can be themselves. Crying is welcome. Don’t ever feel you need to have your glad rags on, comfortable clothing is always best. We always recap on the weeks previous strokes and then learn a new area of the body. At the end of the 5 weeks, you will have all the tools you need to massage all your baby.

These classes are fun, warm, relaxed, welcoming and informative and give you the chance to make new friends and learn a valuable skill.

I really look forward to meeting you and your baby or babies. Nothing is too challenging for us and everyone is welcome, Mum’s or Dad’s alike.

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